Watch the second day of the FIFA Congress live

May 25, 2012   ·   0 Comments

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FIFA Congress

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The 62nd FIFA Congress is all set to take place in Budapest on Thursday and Friday this week and you can follow the whole event live on Watch streamed video of the proceedings from the opening ceremony to the press conference, with other highlights including the debates on the second day.

The Congress kicked off at 17.00 on Thursday with an opening ceremony which featured a festival of music and colour. In particular, the traditional parade of the flags representing the organisation’s 208 member associations struck a unique note this year, with the FIFA anthem played by local virtuoso Felix Lajko and his band. There were also performances by world-renowned pianist Balazs Havasi, rock singer Endi and opera singer Erika Miklosa.

The entire show will shortly be available to rewatch as it happened on

Then, the following day at 09.30, the Congress meeting itself gets under way, with issues such as FIFA reform on the agenda. Again, you will be able to watch the debates live here on

Afterwards, the Congress will draw to a close with a press conference on Friday (exact time to be determined), when FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter will answer questions from journalists in Budapest. Like the rest of the Congress, you are invited to follow this conference live and direct on

So rest assured you will not miss a single moment from the 62nd FIFA Congress. Whether you are looking forward to the opening festivities, the meeting itself or the media event, all will be transmitted live on!

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