Indian Playboy Girl Charlene Chopra

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She posed for Playboy, she admitted she took money for sex and posing in a movie these days Kamhsotra” outrageous”. Charlene Chopra, a former devout religious, breaking the tools and becoming the best bad girl in the history of India officially

First Indian Playboy. Charlene Chopra (photo: splashnews / asap creative)

Opened Axiom: country of one billion, two hundred and ten million people will not just be the only one doing something. When this country is India – one of the oldest civilizations in the world – certainly not easy to be the one set by the history of something.Still, Charlene Chopra can walk around in India and feel the elect. Is the first in history – and the only one, at least for the foreseeable future – she had done Playboy nude.True, this is not winning the Nobel Prize, but hey, that’s kind of achievement. It seems to us.

In general, if we had to describe the Chopra in three words, we’re pretty sure we would have chosen ‘likes to riot. “ If the media in India does not deal in five minutes is freaking out, and up to Twitter a confession revealing or exciting sex experience or just pictures of her almost nude, candy she spoils him almost daily cohort.

In short, if there is any day of the week where all the Indian nation (yes, all one billion plus) not mad about Chopra to ten in the morning, she will do something about it. Life, it seems, is much more exciting when India furious about you.

Just lately, it seems, is trying to far more than usual. It not only set nude Playboy pictures caused quite a storm (Nude India is an extremely sensitive issue, not to mention the naked Indian), but also the rate of confessions that even the Indians, who had seen some eccentric people in their history, not really able to stand it. Just last month revealed on Twitter her she slept with Hugh Hefner when photographed for Playboy (and has strenuously denied and claimed was a joke), she was not a virgin anymore (Hawking, we know), a young woman she took money for sex, and soon will be released movie starring called, how “Kamhsotra,” and will include a lot of nudity.

Photo: splashnews / asap creative

India is known to troll the media. Charlene Chopra and Hugh Hefner (photo: splashnews / asap creative)

Indians know anyone who was in India, are a particularly patient and annoy them is an almost impossible task. But Chopra, it seems, knows how to push just about all the points right to build it, well, pretty much all of the huge country. And yet, it seems, have not decided what annoys them more: the fact that she can every time they boil the blood, or the fact that it is so enjoy it.

Sex for money

Chopra was born, believe it or not, precisely at religious. Catholic father and a Muslim mother. She grew up in a religious Hidrabad for everything, and only during college “opened her eyes”, she calls it. She was (while strong opposition of her parents) a local beauty contest and was surprised as they were when she won first place. He quickly became a model, then a singer and actress ultimately third-rate movies. If you ask us (and Indians), is not really successful in any of the three.


But, as mentioned, there is one thing which Chopra also successful: provocations. And there are plentiful, certainly a girl of 28. However, with all the noise it makes, no one thought Chopra break the longstanding Indian tradition, and the first Indian to be going to star in the controversial magazine “Playboy”. The truth? Chopra does not seem to have believed some of these photographs sound produced. Or maybe she knew much better than all of us.


After that will be released first breaks the Indian tradition and appear without clothes magazine Bunny, the media put her anger is not really typical of this nation. True, it is counter to Indian tradition, and yet, phrases like “slut” is not so easily thrown the Indian media. And, believe it or not, was more delicate ones. It was also called the “Queen of Sleazy”, “black-market”, “cheap,” “desperate,” “Shameless” and popular newspaper ‘Hindustan – Times “also launched a campaign calling for the boycott her passport and not allow it to enter back to Israel. ”If she is so passionate about the overall inferior western culture media troll as Hugh Hefner,” they said, “Maybe I should stay there. Has never cast a woman so big disgrace the whole country.”

Chopra, note, not really excited. Regarding the media called them “supermarket tabloid”, and chirped “Father, forgive media. They know what they did,” with a wink, of course, her devout Catholic background.



Enjoys annoying the India time and again. Charlene Chopra

But the war did not end there. In fact, it is just beginning.Chopra raised her Twitter picture with Hugh Hefner and called him “the most warm and sweet in the world”, which caused another round of media stigmatizing it. Chopra, it seems, quite enjoying the whole thing, otherwise difficult to explain a series of 17 tweets came a short time later and admitted that the actress – model once had sex in exchange for money.

“My next confession,” she wrote on Twitter in a sequence of 17 tweets quoted in the media, “is not meant to drag sympathy or raise their eyebrows or to myself like one bad. These are just a few important facts I know. I get here enough. Nations have been (personal inquiries – m. J.) on a pretty regular for men who want to sleep with me for any amount. past really did it. had sex for money., but I was young and taught me a few things since, like the fact that I do not enjoy physical contact done with commitment (mental, emotional, financial or any other) … Then I realized that I can not claim to be a girl free and continue to do things that make me. drip I enjoy sex pictures, I like to be sexy, but I’m enjoying just sex that comes with desire an controlled or continues. sorry to disappoint you, dear followers, but I’m not free more sex for money. ”


Spreading? Get out of state


Indian Nation could not recover sequence that squeaks, and landing them is this new line: She’ll photograph a new movie called “Kamhsotra”, and we alone can you guess what it will be. But the Indian nation, it seems, decided to say “No more” in this case.


Say it again: nude is not something trivial in India, not to mention sex scenes. And when they heard extremists Chopra’s intention to film the sex scenes in India itself are, well, out of their minds.


In fact, the director, fouled Paul, said the media received hundreds of threatening phone that will film the sex scenes in the territory of India is the end of him, and his industry gently hinted of an elephant in a china shop had better think twice. Subsequently decided to retire all nude scenes be filmed in Los Angeles, a distance pretty sure Indians furious.

Give it back to the state? Charlene Chopra

“Due to cultural atmosphere feeling,” said Paul in a press statement, “and sensitive to people and respect for Indian tradition, we decided to shoot the scenes problems outside India. Received many phone calls, both friends and people I do not know, suggesting that” there will be trouble ‘if you shoot the scenes those in the territory of the country. We do not want to cause problems, just shoot a film. ”

The film will be shot in three dimensions, and its debut, according to Paul, will be held at Cannes in 2013, no less. Please note that this is not so far-fetched, since Paul was already twice at the festival, and is considered the director appreciated in India.


And Chopra? She will pack her bags and go back again to Los Angeles, it receives much more heat than its her country. ”I am amazed at people who write like me just because of my body,” she chirped Chopra few days ago.”I tend to believe your love for me is not my boobs, my ass or my third organ. Have more than 100,000 followers, and this is just the beginning.”


And when Chopra, incidentally, is more a threat than a promise. And we are confident the next scandal to its already large.