Haifa Wehbe’s Nudity Behind Her Divorce

November 7, 2012   ·   0 Comments

The Lebanese star Haifa announced officially today through her Facebook her divorce form her Egyptian Husband Ahmed Abou Hashima. The marriage lasted four years and the whole relation lasted for six years. Rumors say that newly reveled censored scenes of  Haifa semi naked in the movie Dokan Shehada was the mean reason in addition to Haifa behavior in public.

“We are sorry to announce both Ahmad Abou Hsimeh and Haifa Wehbe that we decided to split our 6 years marriage. We would like to clear that this decision was taken upon agreement, and we have a respectful friendship relationship after the divorce,” stated the press release.

Rumors also claim that the main reason behind the divorce was an accident happened last month when Haifa was dancing in a private party on Bahrain king’s (Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa) Yacht. The Bahraini king slapped Haifa on her Butt and she clashed with him. This accident and the news media rumors after upset the poor husband.

‘Dokan Shehata’ was an extremely controversial film and represented Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe’s acting debut- and now it may just be the cause of her divorce. Seems her husband Ahmed Abou Hashima discovered scenes that were cut from the movie where Haifa was laying on a bed semi-nude kissing another member of the ‘Dokan Shehata’ cast after a Lebanese magazine published images of these scenes on its front cover!

Apparently the husband became furious (apparently she had never told him about these deleted scenes) and fought with Haifa in public in the presence of her mother. O.K this man is being pathetic. His wife is constantly on T.V singing ‘Boos ElWawa’ in clothes so revealing she might as well be naked and he allows it and now suddenly he’s angry about deleted scenes. At least these scenes can be justified in the context of the movie- but her appearances on stage and T.V with the clothes she wears cannot be excused under any circumstances!